Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Frogs Pad

The Frog's Pad is an inviting and friendly little guy.

He stands by welcoming one and all back to his Pad. He has lived a difficult life having dealt with his trials and tribulations from early on in his life. An encounter with a curious child left him with only one eye. An adventure on the road left him with a permanent limp and an odd jumping nature.

From Raspberry Collection Sample

The Frog itself is made from a single, solid Apple Wood Burl. It was hand carved over a period of several months and was completed in March of 2007.

The Frogs Pad is made of Balsam Wood, a soft yet friendly wood for carving. It also allowed for the curving formations to bring the Frogs Pad to life.

From Raspberry Collection Sample

Approxamate Dimensions:
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 20 Inches
Overall Hieght: 30 Inches
Pad: 23-1/2 Inches
Frog: 7-1/2" Inches Tall
Total Wieght: 16 Pounds

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Wood Elf

Hand crafted solid burl carvings, art and furnishings.

Jay's latest full collection, the Raspberry Burl collection, has been in process for nearly 10 years. The hand crafting of each piece is performed in a small shop located in Connecticut.

Some of the pieces have taken years to complete.

Jay Dimick performs all the work himself, by hand.

Each piece finished with a hand oiling process that can take months to complete. It is the oil finishing that draws out the full depth of the fires, knots and grain ribbons that Jay's collections are known for. It is this attention to detail that allows the inner glow and full depth of the wood's natural fires and beauty to come to the surface.

By hand and not by machinery.
It adds hundreds of hours to the process, a process that already requires hundreds of hours from the start, but the end result is worth every moment to Jay and to the fortunate owners of pieces from his previous collections.

We will start to showcase some of the pieces in the current Raspberry collection here as well as some of the new pieces in the upcoming collection while they are in process.

We will post announcements for new gallery events and other showings as they approach.

In addition to posting artwork and public offerings from his collections, Jay will use this blog to post information and knowledge about burl selection, woodworking, finishing and tool care that is essential for woodworkers. Jay has spent over thirty years mastering the art of woodworking and teaching many people how to work with wood, not against the grain.

If you have points and tips that could be usefull or new ways of looking at old problems post them here or e-mail Jay directly at BurlWoodElf